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Employee Self-Help (ePersonnel)

Employee Self-Help (ePersonnel)

With more and more companies offering childcare leave and dependants' benefits, updating of children’s and family particulars becomes an important task for HR. ePersonnel eases the workload as employees are able to update family particulars, personal particulars, address, qualifications and emergency contacts.

This is an add-on module which will ease and enhance the workflow for managing employee databases. This information will be routed to HR for final approval and updated into the eHR System. In addition to personal records, employees can also view other employment details such as department, cost center, join & confirmation date, payslip etc.

  • View personal and employment details

  • Notification emails to HR on any changes made

  • Real time update of particulars upon final approval

  • Viewing and Printing of Payslip (with 2nd level password protection)

Human Resource Management System (eHR)

Human Resource Management System (eHR)

A comprehensive and complete tool is now available for your personnel database administration.


eHR tracks all employee information including historical changes and provides easy retrieval of information.


This module will greatly assist your organisation to keep track of the employee information and details more efficiently.

The system can store unlimited employee history records in terms of employee master


(Personal Particular, Employment, Career Progression, Identification etc).

  • Unlimited storage of employee details (achievement, discipline, education, work history etc.)

  • Auto prompting of events (employee probation due, work permit due, contract expiry etc.)

  • Headcount and budgeting

  • Global salary adjustments and simulation

Leave Management System (eLeave)

Leave Management System (eLeave)

eLeave System is a comprehensive tool that automatically calculates and prorates the amount of leave entitled to an employee based on user-definable parameters.


It is designed as a parameter driven system as it allows you to define your various policies such as methods of rounding, earned leave calculation, proration, forfeiture, encashment, amount or period carried forward, etc.

The online leave module allows users to apply for leave conveniently anytime and anywhere. Approver can also approve leave online making every leave application a total breeze for those applying as well as those approving. Leave applications will be routed for approval to multiple reporting and covering officers.


Upon final approval, the leave record will be appended automatically into the eLeave System in real time. Employees can also conveniently check their leave status and balance.


In addition, the leave calendar allows administration to share their leave calendar to employees based on user-definable preferences.

  • Unlimited user definable leave types

  • Auto changing of entitlement with service length and grade

  • Auto validation of applications against Leave balances

  • User configurable types of leave to be put online

  • Global leave records update

  • Tracking of off-in-lieu days

  • View complete leave records and history

  • Real time view of leave status and balance

  • Easy-to-setup approval mechanism which allows flexibility

Claim Management System (eClaim)

Claim Management System (eClaim)

eClaim System is another comprehensive tool that automatically calculates and prorates the entitlements based on user-definable policies. It allows various claims for entitlements or reimbursements via payroll.


Further to that, it allows submission of multiple claims in a single application, co-payment arrangements, travel request & travel claim, as well as claim for self or dependant

eClaim System is a useful online tool that allows employees to submit various types of claims.


Employees are able to view their claim status, claim approval history and entitlement balances as well as payment status if claims are paid through ePayroll System.

  • Unlimited user definable claim types

  • Auto changing of entitlement with service length and grade

  • Auto validation of applications against Claim balances

  • User configurable types of claims and entitlements to be put online

  • Real time view of claim status and balance

  • Multiple approval levels can be set in the system

  • All claims can be linked to payroll for reimbursement

Time Management System (eTime)

Time Management System (eTime)

Choose from the wide range of electronic time clocks available – conventional barcode readers to state-of-the-art biometric verification devices such as Fingerprint and Handpunch.


eTime calculates for you the employees’ work hours, overtime, tardiness and allowances based on their time in and out clocking. A consolidating process is also available in summing up all time elements before interfacing to your payroll system.


With eTime, you will be free from all manual calculations and be able to focus on other value-added activities.


eTime is also designed to allow supervisors to make timely adjustment of employees’ clocking data online. Employees can also view their attendance records and duty roster online.


Furthermore, supervisors can make ad-hoc changes to employee(s)’ roster as and when required. Overtime authorisation function is made available to supervisors, creating the autonomy for supervisors to pre-approve overtime hours.

  • Allows creation of unlimited shifts

  • Pre-authorisation of overtime

  • Computation of work hours, overtime, tardiness and allowances

  • Temporary pass recognition

  • Allows supervisors to verify and make adjustment to employees' attendance, plan employees' work roster and pre-authorise employees' overtime

  • Online reports facilitate quick monitoring and analysis of employee attendance

  • Employees are able to view their own clocking and overtime details

Training Management System (eTraining)

Training Management System (eTraining)

eTraining is designed and built to meet the rigorous demands and requirements of the People Developer Standard which is a qualitative and quantitative measure of how well your workforce is kept up-to-date with the demands of new industrial practices and technology.


eTraining is detailed and comprehensive in the management of employee training records and learning needs. Churning out numbers for the management will be a breeze with the eTraining system. Powerful yet easy to use, it also lets you monitor your organisation training budget and identify competency gaps.


eTraining System is your gateway to online employee self-management of training records and learning needs. It allows instantaneous updates of all course bookings, learning needs and training records online. eTraining also maintains company and department business objectives, employee pre and post course reviews for key programs and even course evaluations online.


Automated email reminders can also be set to notify employees to complete their pre and post course reviews and course evaluations. Head of Department can also view up-to date department budget and training utilisation for better monitoring of training budgets.

  • Manage company and department training budget, plan and records

  • Manage employee competencies, gap analysis and learning needs analysis

  • Tracking of company/department business goals and total company training plan

  • Email reminders for outstanding pre and post course reviews

  • Global analysis of course evaluation for review of training effectiveness

  • Plan training programs according to company/department objectives

  • Derive training budgets through training plan

  • Online course booking and new course requests

  • Online training utilisation and evaluation summary reports for management

  • Automatic approval routing and email reminders for faster course registrations

  • Employees able to create OJT records

Appraisal Management System (eAppraisal)

Appraisal Management System (eAppraisal)

eAppraisal System is a comprehensive web-based Performance Management solution that facilitates the management of employee performance in an efficient and effective manner.


It is an analytical tool that allows real time update and retrieval of performance appraisal records and ratings.


This comprehensive system is fully scalable and is able to create and store unlimited number of user definable appraisal forms and results.

  • Flexible and configurable appraisal form creation

  • Annual appraisals, confirmation appraisals, mid-year reviews, special appraisals

  • Reduces follow up pain through email reminders

  • Calibration process made easy; improve productivity of HR

  • Instant charts for analysis of bell curve and distribution of ratings

  • Allows self-rating and no-self-rating

  • 'To Do' list for appraisers, appraisees and administrators

Payroll Management System (ePayroll)

Payroll Management System (ePayroll)

ePayroll is developed to computerise the tedious task of calculating employees’ wages. All deduction and earning tables are designed to accept unlimited number of entries using different input methods, thus allowing unlimited possible situations.

Comprehensive and yet easy to use, the ePayroll module computes salaries and wages of employees to meet statutory requirements and employee data supports preliminary Human Resource requirements.

  • Multiple cost centre allocation

  • NS pay/ bonus/ AWS/ advance payment generation

  • Unlimited pay runs with multiple pay groups

  • OT capping based on user definable criteria

  • Robust security features and full audit logs

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